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Relieving Stiffness And Pain

Relieving Stiffness And Pain Stiffness causes pain, and there are a lot of activities in life that make your body stiff. Working at a computer for long hours, carrying boxes all day long, or even carrying a child around can all cause your body to become stiff. The...

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Tai Chi’s Twists And Turns

Tai Chi’s Twists And Turns When you think of exercise, you think of it as a commitment. There's a lot involved, such as setting a time for it, eating around it, and being properly dressed for it. There are minimum requirements for doing exercise. You have to buy the...

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Why Is Tai Chi Done in Slow-Motion

Why Is Tai Chi Done in Slow-Motion Is your cell phone ruining your life? Nowadays people chase money, success, and the fast pace of life with it. With new technology and apps, people get out of control in their behaviors, feelings, and yet they believe that they're acting...

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