Feel More Alive With Tai Chi


Tai Chi is for people who seek a quality of aliveness.

They want to feel more alive with a greater sense of freedom, especially in how they go about moving through life.

Don’t you want to live creatively in your art?

Don’t you want to live creatively in your movement?

Don’t you want to have a greater sense of freedom in your life?

If you’re that person, then Tai Chi is for you. 

More often than not, people pick up Tai Chi because they’re experiencing limitations instead of freedom. Limitations such as stress, pain, disease, injury, and trauma, whether physical or psychological. This pain can push you to search for something like Tai Chi – to search for aliveness and avoid the pain of limitations.

I’m glad you found Tai Chi, better now before it’s too late. 

I’ve learned and now teach Tai Chi and I’ve come to know it as a practice for transformative learning, healing, and change through sensing your body. In my experience, people want to learn Tai Chi, not because they are consciously aware of wanting to live a deeply awakened life, but because they are in some kind of pain. 

Their conditions range widely, and some students have more than just one pain. They have an injury like a sprain or a strain in a muscle. They have structural problems like back problems or conditions where the spinal bones are obstructing nerve information from going from the brain to the body. I’ve also worked with students who had chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis. They may be suffering from depression or wanting to feel a greater connection within themselves and the world. They may sense the possibility of aging gracefully rather than having a degeneration or limitation characterized by their aging.

Some students are interested in spiritual development and personal growth. But what usually compels them to take class initially is they want to be free of pain.

What’s your motivation for watching this video or reading my blog?

Tai Chi has the power to release the tension and struggle you may be feeling.

It has the power to awaken you.

It has the power of awareness.

It has the power to heal and renew your mind-body.

It has the power to enhance your life.

How can it do all these things? 

Simply by sensing your body and developing your ability to listen to it. With that skill, you can heal and feel greater aliveness. Tai Chi will deepen your capacity to feel and sense yourself as connected to the earth and connected to heaven in fluid embodied motion.

Sense your lower body right now by releasing your hips, bending the knees, allowing your weight to drop into either one or both legs, into your feet, and feel the souls of your feet.

Touch the ground.  Touch the earth.

Exhale, relax, and let go.

Drop your tailbone.

As you do these things, sense your upper body and how the upper body now feels light. It’s starting to float up in the air. As you’ve established a connection to the earth, now you’re establishing a connection to heaven and you’re floating up and feeling immensely light.

When you practice Tai Chi, you’ll sense the unfolding of life from within. After you feel that sense of unfolding, you’ll feel and know yourself. You’ll know your process, how you function and how you operate from the inside out. That’s very important. 

You’re not looking at yourself as an object, but you’re feeling from within as something that you can connect with and something that is giving you feedback. You are aware of the moment, and when you sense and feel your body, you get feedback from it.

The feedback you receive through your body provides you with a perfect learning environment…

To awaken the infinite consciousness that you are. You can then make the smallest adjustments to navigate the road ahead. This is why Tai Chi proves to be so valuable. It supports you in making tiny shifts. Tiny shifts of awareness alter the course of your life. It alters the state of your health and it alters the state of your happiness, both physically and emotionally.

Let’s do some Tai Chi and start taking these tiny little shifts in making your awareness come to life.

1. Let’s start by sinking into your right foot.

2. Step with the left.

3. Shift the weight and turn in, exhaling out. Relax. Let everything go.

4. Energize the fingers up in front of you.

5. Exhale, relax, and sink back down.

6. Energize the fingers, back up, again near your head.

7. Relax back down, and exhale all the way.

Next, moving into the second part of our exercise.

1. Turn right, and energize.

2. Shift the weight into your right foot.

3. Step into your left foot, shifting the weight.

4. Energize, one hand up, one hand down. Ward off left.

5. Sink into your left foot, and the right heel comes up.

6. Turn, step again with your right, and exhale. While exhaling, shift your weight, and energize to the shape. Ward off right.

7. Turn, shift the way back. Exhale, energize, and roll back.

8. Shift the weight forward. Exhale and press your hands out in front of you. 

9. Move your left hand over the right. Shift the weight back, open, exhale and push.

10. Shift your weight back, winding up. Then, unwind open to the left. 

11. Step back, drop down into your knees, and exhale. Energize, cross your hands.

12. Relax back down, and exhale all the way, connecting to the earth.

What if you paid deep attention to your inner wisdom and movement of your body, especially before you hurt yourself? What if you can move into a state of utter wholeness and aliveness? Find out by taking an Online Tai Chi Class today!

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