Why Is Tai Chi Done in Slow-Motion


Is your cell phone ruining your life?

Nowadays people chase money, success, and the fast pace of life with it. With new technology and apps, people get out of control in their behaviors, feelings, and yet they believe that they’re acting normal.

Is it normal to overschedule and double book?

Is it normal to multitask and juggle 10 things at a time?

I’ve done these things in the name of progress. Multitasking was boasted on my resume not too long ago. Back then, my life was at a fast pace. However, now I feel that the faster pace of life is just exhausting. It causes overstimulation and gets you overstressed leading to behavioral mood and attention disorders. It’s easy to turn to medication to treat the unforeseen consequences. Not only does your attention erode, but creative thinking and process erode with it.

There’s internal chaos.

Fragmented Attention

I catch myself many times after it’s too late, where I wasn’t listening to someone. It was just because I had too many thoughts at once in my head. I just couldn’t keep up with what was happening now in front of me. Does this sound familiar?

If so, then you know this is a problem. There is less time to reflect on anything because you need to act faster. You have to stay online longer and always check your cell phone. This is part of the fabric of your life. All the while, you ignore what is subliminally important. You don’t pay attention to what is subliminally happening inside yourself.

There’s a benefit to placing your conscious intent inside your body and feeling deep within your mind and spirit. The practice of Tai Chi educates you to get into that mental framework.

Why is slowing down important?

Tai Chi is primarily done in slow motion to help you to realize the health benefits that it brings. There are also longevity benefits as well and it gets you into a state of relaxation. Moving slowly enables you to deliberately access how your mind, body, and energy work. It gives you time to accurately understand what you are experiencing, and you begin to connect the dots. You’ll begin to see the dots and draw the lines in your body.

In your mind, when you move in slow motion, you slow down your neurological speed, enabling you to train your awareness, to see right, to see and observe subtle changes that are happening around you. Especially within you. You become conscious of the deeper layers, making up your world and slowing down helps you to control your wandering mind so you can see you are not learning.

When you go faster, you are not being productive. When you go faster, you’re destroying your friendships and relationships at the same time. You see, you can’t concentrate on anything anymore in a fast world. Try to interrupt your impulsive behavior, turn off your cell phone, or better yet, try Tai Chi. 

This will allow you to access your unconscious intelligence.

You can make profound changes in your life by relaxing, slowing down, and letting go.

Ideas come to you and creativity shows up. As your awareness deepens, you recognize how to make the changes needed within yourself. The slow-motion movements of Tai Chi combined with conscious intent enable you to reprogram your mind, body, and spirit to relax.

That’s the most important – to become healthy and be more mentally alert. That’s really what you need right now in your life. Moving in slow motion gives your body and mind a necessary time for new patterns to emerge and stabilize within you.

You can break free from the self-destructive addiction to living fast and start allowing your body to function better and naturally.

As you continue your practice of moving slowly, you make new connections, improve the stability of your internal environment, and you can create a strong bond between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Let’s do some Tai Chi right now in very slow motion. 

Follow along with my video to watch how these motions are made.

1. Exhale, relax, sink.

2. Energize, raising your fingers and spirit up.

3. Exhale, relax, sink back down. Connect to the ground and your feet.

4. Energize the fingers up again. Exhale, relaxing back down.

Let everything go. Let everything fall to the floor.

1. Energize, one hand faces the other. Exhale and energize, make your shape.

2. Exhale, relax, sink back down. Then, energize and make your shape.

3. Turn and shift your weight. Exhale into your left foot and energize rollback.

4. Shift the weight and energize. Press.

Lastly, exhale, relax, settle down and let everything go. Let everything fall into the floor into your feet.

What if you can give your body the movement it needs? What if you can provide structural support to your body? Tai Chi helps you to stretch everything inside your body and it moves your tissues in such a way as to give you access to your body that you normally would not be able to engage. It would normally be difficult to reach.

The twisting, turning, and folding of your tissues go deep into your body. This is a way to massage your internal organs. Tai Chi makes all the fluids in your body circulate evenly inside your body. It increases your energy flow.

Increase your breathing capacity, by taking a Tai Chi class with me. I offer virtual, online Tai Chi classes so you can train yourself to slow down.  Sign up here or view the schedule.

You can now take 30 days of online Tai Chi classes for $30.

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