Building Your Energy From the Center In Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a practice or a way for you to store and build your energy. Think of a time when you may have felt low on energy, felt weak, sick, or maybe depressed. To combat this, you need to find a way to have more energy because when you have more energy, you enjoy life.

With more energy, you will feel more alive, vibrant, and strong. Your motivation will increase and you will have the energy to enjoy the good things in life.

Think about a time when you were forced to do something you didn’t want to do. It didn’t feel quite right to put your energy into it, because it made you feel dirty. Your energy is not pure and clean anymore. Therefore, you feel anxious all the time. You feel unhappy.

Tai Chi is a way to clean your energy so that you can get more good vibrations out of life and get rid of the bad feelings.

Once you have clean energy, then you can use it to heal.

When you have clean energy, it can make a positive impact on your life. You’re less affected by negative situations and negative people. You may be more accepting of things.

How do you have more energy and begin the cleansing process?

What do you focus on first and foremost in the practice of Tai Chi for you to clean your energy and get more of it?

Practice building your energy in the lower dantian. 

First, focus on the region where your lower dantian (belly) is located. It is essential to your health and vitality. It gives you an abundance of energy to feed the rest of your body through the channels and other centers of your body, like your middle dantian (heart) and your upper dantian (brain).

Focus on the lower dantian right now, which is in the exact center of your body.

It’s located in the middle of your abdominal cavity. Some say it’s two fingers widths below your navel, and three inches behind inside your body. Others say that it is directly behind your belly button. Those things don’t really matter as much as having you start to feel your center. 

Imagine you have a ball or sphere in your belly. This ball or sphere is there to store energy and generate energy. It does so by moving.

The lower dantian is said to have energy to give you life. When you use up this energy, you get tired. By practicing Tai Chi, you can replenish this lost energy. You can also stay healthy and reduce stress by doing more Tai Chi, which by the way takes less energy than most other exercises. The extra energy you have nourishes the organs in your torso.

How do you activate the lower dantian and make it move energy through your body and build energy in your body?

There are many different ways, movements, and meditation techniques that allow you to activate the dantian, but there’s a simple and practical step you can do right now.

Do this by standing.

1. The first step is to stand and focus on your lower abdomen.

2. Place both hands on your abdomen.

3. Breathe deeply and naturally to fill up your abdomen and pelvic area. When you inhale, fill up your body and feel your belly pressing into your hands. When you exhale, feel the belly leave your hands. Inhale deeply, feel the expansion of your belly. Exhale deeply and feel it empty out.

4. Lastly, pay attention to the changes that are happening in the area when you breathe.

When you’re comfortable enough, you can then start to move and propel the accumulated Chi out into the body to circulate through all the channels of your system.  Remember, the lower dantian acts like a battery. It stores energy for future use.

When you do the Tai Chi form, your energy circulates through your body and returns to the lower dantian at the end of the form. As you do more Tai Chi, you store more energy and this energy can then be drawn upon in times of illness and in times of high stress or difficulty.

So let’s focus now on moving your energy through the lower dantian.

1. Turn your left foot 45 degrees.  Shift your weight into your left foot, and take a step forward with your right. Then, shift the weight forward and plant yourself into your right foot.

2. Shift the weight back and turn the waist to the left.

3. Shift the weight forward and turn your waist to the right.

Do this a few times.

4. Exhale into your back foot, turn your waist to the left.

5. Shift your weight, turn your waist to the right. Inhale.

6. Exhale, shift your weight, turn your waist to the left.

7. Shift the weight, turn your waist to the right. Inhale.

8. Shift, turn back, exhale and feel your center. Feel your lower dantian.

After getting into a rhythm, place your hands on your belly. As you make these movements and feel how your center is propelling your body front and back by shifting your weight, feel your feet going straight into the floor.

Shift the weight forward, turn your waist. Shift the weight back, turn your waist. Feel how your center, your lower dantian is making these movements happen.

As you turn your waist to the left, the imaginary ball turns. As you turn the waist to the right, the ball turns to the right. Everything comes from the center. Everything comes from the source.

What if you need a boost of energy? What if you deplete your energy reserves, feeling exhausted? 

What happens when you return home, feeling grumpy after a hard day at work? Does your state of mind affect your family and your loved ones? You probably want to avoid that from happening.

The more Chi you store, the more you can maintain a high level of health and enhance your performance abilities. 

You can heal yourself and as you maintain a high level of health, you can also transmit Chi from your body to heal others. 

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