The Possibility Of No Pain


Your body is the best place to start learning to live in the present and to sense and move with the flow of the cosmos. 

Your body’s responsiveness to awareness is the key to transformative learning and change.

When your body responds to awareness, this is called embodying mindfulness. Mindfulness takes you beyond your limitations. It takes you beyond the limited way in which you know yourself. It can also get you to discover and create a new reality for yourself.

What can you do to help change your circumstances? 

What can you do to change your reality?

Perhaps, most of the time you’re an anxious wreck full of mental anguish. How can you free yourself from the pain of anxiety and move forward with peace of mind?

Tai Chi awakens the self-sensing and self-renewing system that you are. It leads you to self-discovery, freeing you from your own pain. The art and practice of Tai Chi free you to discover a new realm of possibility. 

It starts with moving your body in a certain way. When you begin to learn Tai Chi, you immediately participate in the present. You begin the process of becoming in a way that heals and transforms. 

It starts with being open to the idea that you are bigger than your pain. With practice, your pain and limitations disappear with the slightest shift in your movements from hard to soft, from moving in an angular fashion to being more rounded.  It’s also about being fluid with your emotions. You shift your awareness, bringing profound change.

Shifting your awareness and moving your energy can bring a very deep, profound change in your life. You’re no longer living in the same body that you lived within pain. By practicing Tai Chi, you are making the most important change for your health and liberation.


Here’s a little secret – the practice of Tai Chi uses no effort or act of will. You’re just simply moving the energy along with the body’s movements.

Tai Chi is both practical and profound. It’s practical in the way that you use your body to practice releasing and letting go. It’s profound because Tai Chi is an invitation to being in deeper alignment with your innate intelligence.

What is this innate intelligence?

It is called Chi.

Chi brings about a self-sustainable new basis for living that functions from self-sensing and self-renewing. The repetitive slow motions of Tai Chi generate energy and activate your body’s innate intelligence or Chi. 

When the Chi flows, your body heals. It’s that simple.

When you move your hands and feet, you’re pumping energy through your body.  By moving your energy, you generate more energy.

Tai Chi’s slow movements bring the focus back to your body. 

Your mind resides in your body. When your mind and body join together, when your consciousness and subconsciousness join together, you activate your intelligence to renew your body and connect with the cosmos.

The simple exercise of Tai Chi involves moving your hands up and down in a circular fashion.  You follow the line of your spine up and down and move your hands in a circle. You pump energy up and down the spine. You do a body scan with your hands. Start to sense and feel your fingers as they move from top to bottom and back to the top again.

Move your hands up and down, one in front of the other, in a circular manner. (Watch the video and do this with me for a few minutes.)

Let’s do some Tai Chi to let your energy move with the flow.

Following our hand movements, we’re going to use them in a posture – ‘Golden pheasant stands on one leg’ in the Tai Chi form.

1. Relax and exhale into your left foot.

2. Energize and stand on one leg.

3. Step to the side, exhale, and drop into your right foot.

4. Energize. Stand on the other leg.

5. Step to the side, shift the weight.

6. Energize, one hand up and one hand down.

7. Step to the side, exhale and drop.

8. Energize. One hand up, one hand down.

9. Relax, exhale, shift the weight.

10. Energize, the pheasant stands on one leg. 

11. Step to the side, exhale.

12. Energize. The pheasant stands on the other leg.

13. Repeat these movements for the next few minutes. Relax and exhale. Energize. 

14. Step to the side, sit on your one foot. 

15. Energize, lift the leg up. 

16. Step to the side, exhale.

17. Energize. The pheasant stands on one leg.

18. Exhale, relax, and sink back down. 

19. Energize. The pheasant stands on one leg. 

20. Then relax, exhale, and let yourself go.

What if you can sense your pain? I mean, really sense your pain and realize the pain is something that is not fixed and unchangeable. 

What if you can move your energy and make your pain go away? 

What are these energy channels in your body that help you to move the energy, move the pain?
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