How Long Does It Take To Get Results From Tai Chi


For some, Tai Chi is recognized as an exercise similar to calisthenics. For others, it is recognized as a martial art used for self-defense. Still others call it a form of art. That’s because it can be done theatrically with music, and it’s seen as a dance of sorts. 

Tai Chi is a practice. Practice is conventionally regarded as a process through which you will eventually acquire a skill or result. It is true that with some effort, you will get the results you want in time and this is an accomplishment. Accomplishments inevitably take time…

Now make no mistake – there is some value to practicing – to get something you don’t have right now, even if it takes a long time. It is the secret to many people’s success.

You might be asking yourself: How long before I achieve success with Tai Chi?

How long do you practice Tai Chi, before you can get the results you want?

It depends on the results.  Some would say the result may take a long time to accomplish. 

What if I told you that it doesn’t take a long time at all? What if I told you that the result is almost immediate? 

Tai Chi uses embodied mindfulness for healing. It can be used as a skillful means to transform your pain, stress, trauma, and even aging in no time, or with very little time.

I have one student who had multiple injuries and spent months and years going to physical therapy (PT).  PT helped, but it did not restore her body completely.  She was not able to get her body back a hundred percent. 

She had done cortisone shots to minimize her pain and inflammation. She has mild arthritis in both knees, the left hip, and the neck. She would do cortisone shots every five to six months for all of her issues.

Now, she doesn’t need to do any of those invasive things.  No more time-consuming and expensive treatments to minimize pain. 

Just after three weeks of practicing Tai Chi, she started having significant pain relief. At week six, she forgot she used to have constant pain for years. She learned that Tai Chi heals her body, calms her mind, and tremendously improves her sleep.

How can this be? How can this happen in such a short period of time?

How Long Does it Take To Get Results From Tai Chi

By practicing Tai Chi, you begin to utilize feeling and sensation as feedback.

By practicing, you become an open system for learning. You become more self-sensing and self-organizing, transforming your body, structure, and functioning in a way that eases pressure and allows you to follow your course toward healing and self-renewal. 

You realize there is no problem to fix. In other words, with Tai Chi practice, you start with the result in mind and that’s because Chi is available here and now. With Tai Chi practice, you are learning to drop into your intelligence.

You allow your body to renew itself and Chi reveals itself to you. Your mere participation in the practice of Tai Chi brings about an expression of this intelligence. You are embracing your Chi arising through your full embodiment. 

As you embody greater freedom and aliveness, your movements can function without strain. The best part is you don’t have to follow a certain type of teaching. You don’t have to follow a method. You don’t have to follow a certain style or even look for a specific lineage.  Just do Tai Chi.

All you have to do is let go and empty out.

As you participate in this practice, Tai Chi in any form is a way for you to embody and express your innate intelligence, so you can become a part of the Infinite. You can become a whole being again with the consciousness that pervades all of existence.

Let’s experience Chi right now from a state of limitless awareness.

1. Start by sinking down into your feet.

2. Step with your left foot.

3. Shift the weight.

4. Turn in, and exhale. Relax. Let go.

From there,

1. Energize the fingers up in front of you.

2. Exhale, sink back down.

3. Energize the fingers.

4. Relax back down, empty out. Let everything go.

Then, we get into the next round of movements.

1. Energize, turn.

2. Shift the weight.

3. Step with your left foot.

4. Put your left foot down. Exhale.

5. Energize to make your shape.


1. One hand faces the other.

2. Turn your body to the right.

3. Step with your right foot, and exhale all the way. Let go.

4. Energize to make your shape.

5. Turn, shift the way back. Exhale.

6. Energize, and roll back. 

7. Shift the weight forward.

8. Exhale and let go. 

9. Energize, and press your hands in front of you.

10. Shift your body back, open and exhale all the way.

11. Energize, push.

12. Wind up, and then unwind.


1. Open, step back and drop. Exhale.

2. Cross your hands.

3. Relax back down.

Let everything go. Let everything fall to your feet.

What if you can use your embodied mindfulness to reach the source of the infinite?

What if you can deepen your practice and achieve the results that you want in no time?

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In the meantime, you’re probably saying to yourself – “this is just too good to be true, I need some more proof that Tai Chi doesn’t take much time to get results.” 

What’s the science behind all this? What’s the psychology behind the practice of Tai Chi? Is there a spiritual discipline you need to follow? We’ll dive into those subject matters and more on The Art Of Tai Chi Blog.

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