Transform Your Pain With Tai Chi


Perhaps you have neck problems or spinal issues causing extreme pain and immobility and posing the threat of surgery.

You had already attempted all the mainstream medical strategies or alternative medical strategies, but nothing seems to work.

Perhaps you have an orthopedic surgeon who is giving you drugs and wants to perform surgery. For years, maybe a chiropractor worked on you. The results attempted to keep you out of pain. When the pain got intense, it helped as a short-term fix, but there was no significant long-term improvement.

You may have continued doctor’s visits. Then you get lucky one day… Your neurosurgeon recommends you might get as much relief through exercise, yoga, or Tai Chi. 

As you explore that route, Tai Chi introduces you to a new way of listening to your body. You start experiencing yourself in a brand new way.

You feel a connection between your experience of silence while you do Tai Chi and the experience of the environment around you, which is also oddly silent.

First, you free yourself from pain. 

You do this by changing your relationship to pain, and your attitude towards it. 

Before you greeted pain with fear. You grasped it, you held onto it so that it wouldn’t grow or spread, working ever so hard to contain it. 

Now you observe it with interest and curiosity. You no longer avoid discomfort or pain. You learn to bring interest and have compassion for yourself. In other words, you let go of your pain. You no longer want to hold onto it. You leave it alone. 

Tai Chi can transform your chronic pain. You learn about the quality of awareness, the letting go, and you learn about allowing the waves you make with Tai Chi to carry you in life.

The building block of Tai Chi is the wave. 

When you do Tai Chi, the wave travels throughout your body and gives you energy, and restores your body.  Feel the wave motion inside your body with every posture you make.

Learn to sense yourself as movement rather than a fixed object that is constantly in pain. Practice and fine-tune your alignment with the universe, with yourself and source energy. With each breath you take during Tai Chi practice, freedom and renewal are available to you.

Your love and appreciation for your whole being and structure can transform your body.

When you add awareness, consciousness, and vibrational energy to your thoughts and feelings, they have an effect on your structure and overall composition. Take Dr. Emoto’s water experiment, for example. His experiments involve exposing water to various words, pictures, or music, then freezing the water and examining the frozen crystals under a microscope. When water is held with love and appreciation, it changes its molecular structure to reflect that love and appreciation. Dr. Emoto’s experiments showed human thoughts and intentions can physically have an effect and can alter the molecular structure of water. 

The same can happen when you do Tai Chi. When your consciousness and attention have an influence on your body, then you can transform your pain.

You feel a slowing down of your internal experience. You feel calm. You feel your heart, belly, bones and tissues differently. You notice how, when you push yourself too hard, you feel mistreated. 

When you do Tai Chi, you feel nurtured.

Let’s take this moment as a gift of opportunity to receive the whole or source energy right now.

Let’s do some Tai Chi right now and feel that ease of pain: 

1. Sink into your right foot. 

2. Step with the left. 

3. Shift the weight. 

4. Turn in, and exhale. 

Let go.

1. Energize, expand out. Bring your arms up in front of you. 

2. Exhale, relax, and sink back down. 

3. Energize, open out. 

4. Relax back down, sink in. 

Let’s move into our next set of movements:

1. Energize, turn open, and make space. 

2. Shift the weight. 

3. Step out, exhale all the way, energize, and expand out. 

4. One hand faces the other. 

5. Turn, step and exhale.  Let go.

Energize. Transform your pain.

Let’s continue on:

1. Turn your body to the right. 

2. Shift the weight back. 

3. Exhale, energize, and roll back. 

4. Shift the weight, and exhale. 

5. Energize, press. 

6. Shift your body back and open, and exhale all the way into your right foot. 

7. Energize, push. 

8. Shift your back, wind up. 

Then unwind, open, and expand out. Lastly, step back, exhale, let go. Energize and make your space. Then relax back down and let everything go.

What if rather than fixing your body instead, you have this intention of receiving your body as a gift? 

How can you do that? If you’re not fixing your body, then how can you really heal yourself?

Let’s find out. Continue to watch my videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.

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