How To Heal With Breathwork


When your energy levels are high, healing is taking place in your body. 

To heal is to optimize your health and well-being. When you’re healing, you have the ability to protect yourself from toxins in the environment. You also have the ability to stimulate and strengthen your digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. 

Now, in order for your healing to be impactful in your life, there are several things that you have to consider:

  1. You have to watch over the foods you eat. 
  2. You have to watch over the amount of water you drink.
  3. You have to watch over the amount of rest and sleep that you’re getting each night. 
  4. You also have to consider the emotions that you are feeling. Feelings like anger, guilt, and shame can really add tension and stress to your body. 
  5. You also have to consider your beliefs, your thoughts, and opinions about your reality.  Your truth.

Watch out for limiting beliefs. You’re feeling there’s a lot of scarcity in the world, when you lack something, when you think you’re not enough. These beliefs can make you very fearful of life. 

Finally, there is one more thing.  It’s probably the least talked about when it comes to your healing process and that is:

  1. Breathing.

Why is that?

You don’t think about it because you breathe normally… or so you think you do. 

In this fast-paced society, you are actually breathing very fast and short breaths. Poor breathing habits are a major cause of weakness and disease in your body. 

In fact, you’re breathing right now and you’re probably only using the upper half of your lungs leaving the lower half of your lungs stagnant.

You oftentimes aren’t using your lungs fully.

Autopsies have shown that middle and lower lobes are often least used or sometimes never used. 

When the lower half of your lungs are not used, stale air takes its place in there. When this air is mixed with the warm, moist environment of the lower lungs, germs can flourish. Keep in mind that air contains not only oxygen but Chi, the energy of the universe. When you breathe in air, you not only take in oxygen but Chi into your body. 

When you breathe fast, you’re doing violence to your body and this violence can damage the delicate membranes in your respiratory tract.

Fast breathing also increases your heart rate. When you increase your heart rate unnecessarily, it can give you heat exhaustion. When you breathe fast and short, it can cause all sorts of other problems in your body.  Consequently, your body is prevented from getting the necessary nutrients it needs to perform.

This can lead to all sorts of dis-ease. When you have a short breath or a quick breath you may end up having more headaches, dizziness, and maybe even indigestion in your body. Poor blood circulation with fast breathing and a fast heart rate can also increase your aging process at a faster pace. Poor breathing is definitely a cause of dis-ease.

So, what can you do? What can you do to correct your poor breathing, allow for expansion in your lungs, for full absorption of oxygen and Chi? What can you do to exercise your lungs to a level of greater capacity so you can breathe better? 

With a deeper level of breathing, you can internally massage your organs.

So you’re going to do a quick exercise here. You are going to bring the internal organs and systems under your control.

How do you do that when you have involuntary organs and systems at play? Well, what better way to use conscious breathing to keep your organs and systems under control. Slow down your breathing, and get the energy you need into your stomach, intestines, and colon.

Follow along with my video for this portion.

  1. Right now, rub your hands.  Rubbing your hands produces heat in your palms and fingers. It will send the energy to your palms so that you can lay your palms on your lower abdomen, on both sides of your navel, and sit or stand and feel your lower abdomen. 
  1. Start to breathe in. As you breathe in naturally, your chest is going to go outward, but you really want to bring your lungs downward with each breath. So when you inhale, bring your lungs downward. Breathing down creates pressure on your stomach and intestines.
  1. When that pressure takes place in your body, visualize a small ball or a balloon glowing in your lower abdomen. You can feel the ball. 
  1. Then exhale gently, press down with your palms and feel the hollow cavity that’s being created by bringing the air out of your lungs. (Note: pregnant should not do this part of the exercise.)
  1. Breathe in, feel the little ball or balloon that is filling up in your lower abdomen.  Then relax, exhale, and press down with your palms gently to let all the air out. 

This is diaphragmatic breathing and it is taught in Tai Chi so that you can empty and fill up your lungs, expand your lungs to a point where you are fully absorbing the energy from the air you are taking in. And in this exercise, you are gently massaging not only your lungs but your other internal organs in the trunk of your body.

This type of breathing lowers your heart rate and strengthens your heart. 

Tai Chi is designed to strengthen the organs within the trunk of your body and provides a balance to the energy that is flowing in the body.  It improves your circulation.  It allows you to have the healing process take place.

So now that you know that breath awareness can increase your energy levels, how do you deal with emotions in your life? How do you deal with your limiting beliefs determining your false reality?

To get the answers, stay tuned for future episodes.

In the meantime, I want to ask one question: What if you can raise your vibration now that you have raised your energy levels with breathwork? 

And think about raising your vibrational frequency through breathwork and a raised level of Chi so that you can feel joy, happiness, and all sorts of delight.

Then, I want to invite you to watch my breathing video. It’s a two-minute video you can follow from this link

If you’re interested in how breathwork can heal, then watch the full 30-minute video from there.

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