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How Energy Blockages Control Your Life

Have you experienced lingering uncomfortable feelings resulting from an adverse encounter? Whether it be from your colleague, boss, friend, or foe, these feelings have limited you in some way.

These feelings can lead to experiences that include fear, doubt, insecurity, worry, concern, anger, avoidance, hostility, irritability, self-loathing, abandonment, agitation, sadness, frustration, resentment, shame, voicelessness, powerlessness, loss of confidence, lack of self-worth, and distrust.

These feelings can turn into a wide range of emotions, which influence your behavior.  Emotions can become so strong, they impact your daily life.  You have immediate reactions, you make hasty decisions, or you overlook things because of your emotions.

I felt most, if not all of these emotions at certain points in my life. I am willing to bet you have as well.  And emotions have influenced your decisions, consciously or unconsciously.  Emotions have overpowered you and have taken control of your situation.

When emotion stirs, your body is signaling to your brain that something is going on.  And you may not be able to do anything about it.

These emotions can range from mild to really extreme, but they all fall under one category… And the category is ‘energy blocks.’ Energy blocks are often associated with your emotions.  They stem from not knowing what is happening to you, because you’re not honest about your emotions and where they really come from.

Energy blocks are associated with conscious and subconscious thoughts that prevent your energies from freely flowing.  They typically prevent you from moving forward in life. They may confuse you, lead you astray, take you away from thinking clearly.

Wounds Create Blockages

Blockages slow down the flow and in extreme cases, they may totally block your flow. Typically blockages are subtle and it can be challenging to identify more deep-rooted blockages. They tend to require thinking about or contemplating the meaning of a situation. 

I mention this because you may find it more difficult to focus on an energy block than a physical blockage, like a clogged artery. You may find it difficult to pinpoint one area in your life or in your body.  It’s difficult to zoom into something when you don’t know what you are looking for.

Instead, take a wider holistic approach to deal with your emotions, your energy blocks. An energy block is a symptom of a bigger underlying issue.

Do you feel energetically dense or heavy? Do you feel negative most of the time?

Do you feel something is holding you back?

If you do, you may be suppressing your emotions. For example, you may feel that you don’t have a voice and you want to speak your truth, but every time you do, people just don’t relate. For this reason, you ignore your emotions – what they are really telling you.

Another energy block may be that you’re denying your true self. For example, you may go to college with the intent of following a passion, but your parents want you to go to college to become a doctor. To make them happy, you pursue becoming a doctor. Later in life and having gotten your degree, you realize that you have denied who you truly are.

Another energy block may be that you are prioritizing the needs of others and your needs come last. This happens when you don’t want to feel abandoned, so you put others in front of yourself.

Another energy block may be that you are allowing other people’s energies to overpower you.

Another energy block may be that you are the problem. You have defined your life as nothing more than your own pain, and the hurt that you feel is who you are.  So you blame yourself.

Create New Experiences

One of the most powerful ways to clear your energy blocks is to create new experiences.  New experiences serve as positive reference points in your life. The more of these you create, the greater your chances are of raising your vibration and removing your blockages.

Every new positive experience plants a life-giving seed in your garden. 

These experiences don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be dangerous or high-risk maneuvers. And they shouldn’t be. They don’t have to look like much, especially to anyone else. But to you, it means the entire world. 

Tai Chi is that precious thing for me. Tai Chi practice and meditation can be used for self-healing – restoring your mind, body, and your heart.

When I teach class, I teach people to first exhale all the way. Then take a step forward.

Follow along with me in the video for this exercise. 

  • Take a step with your left foot or your right foot. Take a step and imagine you are planting a seed with your step. 
  • Remember to exhale first as you take your step, sink down into your foot, and plant the seed.  Then water the seed by shifting your weight and putting your weight onto your right foot.
  • Once you have planted the seed and have given it water, then watch the plant grow.  You are the plant.
  • Then, step with the left foot. Exhale. Plant the seed first.  Drop onto your left foot, energize and watch the flower grow.
  • Plant the seed first, then sink down. Water the seed and watch the flower grow.
  • One more time. Step first, put your foot down, plant the seed, water the soil, and watch the flower grow.  You are the flower.

Where Is Your Energy Blocked?

Get comfortable and learn to be yourself.  This is done by simply relaxing where you are not forcing anything to happen.  Consciously make an effort to let go and raise your vibration.  This is how you approach healing.

When you practice Tai Chi, you’re using effort without force. In relaxation and in letting go, you’re using softness and flow. These are the characteristics of water.

What happens to substances when they are dropped in water? They dissolve. 

How do you really use effort without force? What does that entail? How can you truly dissolve the energy blocks in your body?

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Tai Chi can be your practical way of releasing blockages in your whole mind and body, so you can fully transform yourself and ultimately experience conscious harmony with the Universe right down to your bone marrow.

Tai Chi meditation can help you dissolve and release the bound energy in your body, so you can truly feel comfortable in your life.

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