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Your body is filled with an energy field that can affect your health and wellbeing.

This is called Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s also known as your life force or vibrational energy. You can work with this energy to find balance and healing in your life.  When you move your energy to flow freely, you can heal.

If you find that your energy is stuck or not flowing properly, then you may end up with both physical and mental conditions you have to deal with later on.  You have to find ways to move the energy so you can live a new reality.

Have You Ever Heard Of Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an alternative therapy that’s used more often these days in conjunction with modern-day medicine to make you feel better. Energy healing is a form of self-healing aimed at restoring the balance of energy to support your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

You can practice energy healing through physical or therapeutic touch, such as in the case of massage or acupuncture. You can also work with your body non-physically or non-locally, through guided meditation for example, which uses the power of the mind. 

In the case you want to work on your body’s energy field without touching your body or having it be touched by a healer, then you can theoretically do this work remotely.  Remote healing is healing over space and time.  It’s done through the energetic medium.

Tai Chi is a form of energy healing. It’s a practice that can be done remotely, while something like acupuncture requires needles to stimulate energy flow in your body.  Tai Chi is a way for you to alter your own energy field to optimize your health.  This is the very definition of healing.

Tai Chi is a practice that involves the practitioner moving their hands around the body to stimulate energy flow and promote healing.

When Would You Need Energy Healing?

You need this type of healing when you’re diagnosed with a physical disease, when you’re experiencing physical discomfort, or when you’re struggling through your mental or emotional issues.

Tai Chi works on three main energy centers in your body: the lower dantien, the middle dantien, and the upper dantien. The lower dantien, located in your lower abdomen between the navel and pubic bone, corresponds to the physical nature or center of your body. The middle dantien, located in the center of your chest and around your heart, is related to your emotional states. The upper dantien, located in your forehead between your eyebrows and around your brain, relates to your intuition and spiritual life. In order for you to be healthy and in order for you to feel whole, all three centers must work together to be in alignment with one another.

In an online Tai Chi class, the emphasis is placed on your breathing to realign your energy centers and heal your mind-body.

While Tai Chi typically and traditionally takes place in a physical studio or space, many teachers are now offering online Tai Chi classes. Taking an online Tai Chi class is considered a form of remote healing or distance healing, similar to Reiki and Chakra healing. Teachers run their online sessions in the exact same fashion as if they would in a physical space, except it’s over live video streaming.

The best part of doing it remotely is that you can do it in a place of comfort like in your own home, backyard, or anywhere you happen to be. Simply set up a class on a laptop, tablet, or phone and you’ll be with an instructor within an hour.

Your teacher of self-healing can see and hear you, and you can see and hear them. The online Tai Chi classes I teach are over Mindbody Online – a virtual wellness platform. I also teach Tai Chi over Zoom, if the circumstances call for it.

What To Expect From An Online Tai Chi Class

Typically, these classes are one hour each. Some classes can be as short as 30 minutes upon request. To give you an idea of what it’s like to be in an online Tai Chi class, we start with introductions. I ask the students to introduce themselves and I ask them to explain why they are here. 

The main reason they take Tai Chi is to reduce stress and relax. After all, they’re stressed out from working all day. They need to do some form of exercise and movement, or they need to learn something like self-defense to channel their stress into positive energy. I would often explain that Tai Chi is not just a martial art based on the philosophy of the Tao, but it’s also a form of energy healing, which I would illustrate with simple exercises, accompanied by breathwork, which helps you to heal.

Next, we would go into learning a few steps of the Tai Chi form. We take the breathwork from the exercises and use it while doing and learning the form. The breathwork helps you to feel calm, relaxed, so your body is ready to receive the healing. It’s important to note here that YOU are giving your body the time and space for healing.  Really, no one else can.

Throughout the remainder of the online Tai Chi class, I instruct students when to inhale and exhale during the movements. The students start to feel deeply relaxed as they inhale and exhale deeply.

At the end of the online Tai Chi class, you feel your energy is moving. The energy of the workday moves and passes through you. There is a sense of renewal.  The movements are very relaxing as you go along in the online class and towards the end of class, you may feel areas of your body tingle. I often express that my fingers have a tingling sensation at the end of class. This is a good sign because Chi is flowing and it’s very easy to feel it when you are in a calm state. 

When you feel Chi, it is very clear that you are being powered by a field of energy in and around your body. When your heart is beating, or your eyes are blinking, it is Chi at work. When it comes to your brain and nervous system communicating together, they communicate along energetic pathways.  This is your Chi flowing.  Your energy field is constantly reacting to your physical, mental, and emotional needs of the moment. So it’s important to work on those needs.

At the end of class, you feel a sense of calm and peace, your mind feels a lot clearer. It’s as if you made some space for yourself, both mentally and physically. After the online Tai Chi class, you can take a moment in the comfort of your own home to process what you’ve learned in class.

Take some time just to be still and do nothing but go deeper within your body. You don’t have to rush. You don’t have to go somewhere else. You don’t have to have the stress of taking a train or bus.

There’s one more benefit of online Tai Chi classes. You can work with a Tai Chi instructor or master of any style of your choosing in any part of the world. This means you are not limited to your local area. In some cases, there is no Tai Chi offering near you, so an online class is a perfect solution.

Let’s do a quick flow where we are going to do the beginning of the Tai Chi form. Feel the energy flow through your body.

1. Energize the fingers up to shoulder height.

2. Exhale, relax.

3. Energize the fingers.

4. Relax back down. Then turn, energize and ward off left.

5. Exhale, relax and ward off right.

6. Turn, shift the weight and energize. Rollback.

7. Exhale into your right foot and energize. Press.

8. Relax and exhale back down.

Do this exercise again and follow along with my video to see how the movements are completed.

Does Remote Healing Really Work?

Take an online Tai Chi class. Experience it for yourself and you may come away with a feeling of deep relaxation, mental clarity, and a feeling of centeredness in a very short time. Consider it if you have ever been stressed out all day or you can’t seem to relax and feel restless. Tai Chi is a great form of meditation. Online Tai Chi classes can be used for remote healing.

Would not taking an online Tai Chi class be beneficial to your health or to your spiritual wellbeing?

Well, there’s only one way to find out and that is to take an ONLINE TAI CHI CLASS with me today by pressing the button down below. 

Find out NOW.  Try something new.

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