How You Can Avoid Energy Loss


You and your body can accommodate an influx of additional energy over time, more energy than you can consume.

When this happens, your body can transform itself into a vehicle that is unconditioned by space and time. This means that you no longer can grow older or weaker. In fact, you’re totally free of disease when you have so much energy and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you are in a state of physical immortality.  But this is not the reality, is it?

Day after day, year after year, you feel like you are losing energy. As your attention is caught by continuous external activities and objects such as your cell phone and the social media events you are participating in, you are losing energy.

You’re losing energy when your body is moving in inefficient ways. When your body is full of tension and stress, they provide resistance preventing your body from moving naturally.

You’re losing energy when you participate in mental activities throughout the day. 

So through this constant loss of energy, you grow weak and you are unable to fight off disease and an invasion of germs. Illness further drains the body of energy and without energy, your cells and tissues stop regenerating.  And they die. 

Well, it’s ok you say.  You are taking in energy every day in the form of food, air, and the sun’s radiation. But as you grow older, you tend to use more energy than you take in. So this empties out your store of energy until a final loss of energy results in your… death.

So what can you do? How can you avoid energy loss? 

There are 3 methods I have in mind to help you avoid energy loss in your body. But first, let’s talk about your body. Your body is a human battery and it consists of 3 vital parts.

The first part is your structure. 

These are your internal organs, your muscles, tissues, bones, and skin layers. These are the things that make up your physical form.

The second part is your intra and inter-cellular liquid found in your body. 

Your body’s fluids are so important for the communication of your cells, and they play a vital role in the generation of your electrical energy. That’s why your body is made up of 60% water.

That brings us to the third vital part of your human battery – your electricity. 

This is the charge that activates your physical movements and your structure. Without it, the body can’t do anything whatsoever.  It’s the least understood of the 3 vital parts because it is not immediately obvious to the naked eye.  It is detectable only when you don’t have it.  When you don’t have a strong electrical charge, you feel weak.

When your battery is weak, you may feel that your energy is being drained and it can be a very bad situation for you.

Let’s get back to the 3 methods that can help you avoid energy loss:

1. Restful sleep
The human battery recharges each night with sleep. After a day’s activities, thoughts and concentrations have depleted most of your energy, you feel drowsy and you go to sleep. Sleep leaves your body in a relaxed state, a let-go state in which your body opens its centers to receive the energy coming from the universe. When this energy from the universe enters your body, it reaches and recharges every cell. Sleep works like a battery or generator in your car – it’s very easy for you to recharge.  But if you can’t sleep well, then there’s the second method to avoid energy loss in your body…

2. Acupuncture 

In acupuncture, the antenna-like qualities of the acupuncture needles serve to bring more energy into your body. Acupuncture is very good for you when you have a lack of energy. What if your problem is not a lack of energy, and it’s more related to cell structure or fluids that are not operating correctly inside your body? Then acupuncture becomes very limited in its use.  That brings you to the next method…

3. Internal exercises

You have to do internal exercises like Tai Chi to help you increase your energy levels.

Follow along with my video: 

Let me give you a quick tip. Place your arms at an angle beside your body. (I’m going to raise them just a little bit higher so that you can see better.) 

Bring your arms up to the sides at an angle. You’re energizing your fingers.  You’re extending, reaching, expanding out with your fingers. Your body’s entirely relaxed.  Just be here for a moment. This is called the Eagle…

The Eagle is gliding, and you can walk around like the eagle. If you walk around with your arms at an angle like this for a minute or two, you’re going to feel the electricity – the bioelectric charge that’s happening in your fingers. This is a very quick and easy way to feel your electricity. Another way to feel your electrical charge is to just gently move your arms with your fingers up and down as if you’re flying like an Eagle. This is a very fun exercise for you to do, to increase your energy levels, and also help you to detect the electrical charge in your fingers and body.

What about external exercises? Will they help? Cardio and weightlifting exercises? According to Taoists and Chinese medicine doctors, external exercises would not be a proper solution for your lack of energy.  Now always check with your doctor or physiologist first when it comes to the kinds of exercises you should be doing for your condition.

Taoists believe that external exercises hasten the aging process and energy depletion. With that said, it does not do much for recovering energy lost. By contrast, internal exercises help to preserve your body and transform it.  With this kind of exercise, there is an element of preservation (of energy) and transformation (of your body). 

Internal exercises help you increase your energy levels.

What if by preserving your energy, you can preserve your health and youth?
What if you can generate and utilize a higher order of energy to awaken the spiritual center of your body leading to transformation?

Stay tuned, I’ll be covering topics like this in future posts. In the meantime, I want to make you aware of a special offer right now – 30 days of unlimited online Tai Chi classes for $30. 

Check it out, sign up for class and learn more about internal energy flow.  Increase your levels of energy so that you can have a good amount of vigor and power to do your work throughout your day.

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