How to Remain Calm and Quiet in a Disruptive, Disorderly World


How To Be A Person Of Peace

Have you ever admired the person who is capable of remaining level-headed, who is poised, unaffected by disruptive outside forces or by disorderly human beings in a world where we all get excited or upset by the news?

There’s something to be said about the person who remains composed.  Sometimes, this person can get emotional. Sure, we all do. But this person doesn’t allow the emotions to further cloud his or her judgment. Wouldn’t you like to be this person? 

The person who is always calm and quiet through it all. 

Somebody who is undisturbed, not agitated, somewhat unconcerned, or indifferent to today’s issues? You know, the strong and silent type. 

This person is likely to live a long and happy life.

If you are this person, then you carry the substance of the Tao and you exemplify its characteristics. 

Stillness is your virtue. In your stillness, you forget those who have wronged you or harmed you in any way.

When you free yourself from your mind and body, you become one with the universe. You become one with the infinite.  This is the pursuit of true Taoists. 

The pursuit? To be in a state of calmness and emptiness. 

For you to attain this quietude, you consider using different meditation techniques.  You come upon some Taoist breathing exercises.  And if you are fortunate, you may reach a place where you determine that Tai Chi is your method of choice.

Tai Chi practice allows you to forget all your troubles. You don’t have to worry about taking any action right now regarding your external circumstances. You just concentrate on the internal practice itself.  You coordinate the movements with your breathing.  As a result of your practice, you feel it nourishes your body.

Inhale and exhale.  With each breath, you expel the old stale air and you take in the new. 

Inhale to free yourself from your body.  Exhale to free yourself from your mind.

When you exhale, it is like falling asleep.  When you inhale, it is like waking up in the morning.

Tai Chi can be described as an exercise where you move like a sleeping bear. When you move like a sleeping bear, you give yourself some space and time.  

You carry yourself a certain way – there’s not need to hurry, there’s no need to rush.  Your only concern is what is in front of your nose.

Taoists are interested in the attainment of longevity and health. They understand that to achieve both requires slow breathing exercise and bodily movement.  Both must be done in a calm and collected manner.  The philosophy begins here.

Tai Chi is based on Taoist philosophy, which advocates the shift toward slowing down life’s pace.  With that in mind, Tai Chi’s function is to guide breathing and blood circulation so that vital energy can flow through your body uninterruptedly to have its beneficial effects.

When you use your mind to carry the vital energy along your psychic channels, you keep your body healthy and your life long.

Let’s do some Tai Chi. Follow along with the video or follow these steps.

Start from the beginning:

  1. Stand and plant your feet firmly on the ground shoulder width apart.
  1. Exhale and sink your energy down through your hips. Work your way down your legs, bend the knees and go all the way down past your heels, and into your toes.
  1. Inhale.  Energize your fingers, raising your arms upward. Send the vital energy from your toes to your heels, through your legs, and work your way further upward through the trunk of your body.
  1. Exhale, relax, work your way back down through the trunk of your body.  Lower your arms, sending your energy down the legs into your heels, and finally rest on your toes.
  1. Inhale. Energize the fingers up. Raise your arms up. Send the vital energy from your toes, up and through the trunk of your body.
  1. Exhale. Work your way back down, allow your arms to fall, sending your energy through the trunk of your body. Drive the vital energy all the way back down your legs, through your heels, and into your toes.

Repeat it one more time:

  1. Inhale.  Energize the fingers. Your arms are rising up. 
  1. Send the vital energy up through the trunk of your body.
  1. Exhale. Allow your arms to fall, and press downward.
  1. Send the vital energy down your legs, through your heels, and back into your toes.

I’ll give you a little secret here…

When you inhale, energize from the base of your spine.  Send the vital energy from the coccyx (tailbone) up the back channel of your body and go all the way up to the top of your head. 

When you exhale, sink your energy down the front of your body, along its centerline, through the trunk of your body, and work your way down the legs, through your heels, and into your toes.

The practice of Tai Chi is both an exercise and a meditation which involves breathing. Breathing is not only the movement of air in and out of your lungs – it involves your whole body and touches every part of it, like a ripple effect in water.

Blood circulation is also movement in your body that sends oxygen to your extremities. In this case, circulation happens from the tips of your toes, all the way up to the tips of your fingers and beyond… to the top of your head.

When it comes to your health and longevity, vital energy must flow through the body – from tip to tip to tip.

What if you can use Tai Chi as an exercise to make your body strong and healthy and to prevent sickness? 

What if Tai Chi can also give you the peacefulness of mind inside your healthy body that allows your spirit to be active? 

My wish for you is to be at peace like the placid person described above, who can potentially live a long and happy life with no worries and with no concerns.

Now that you’ve done this exercise, you’re probably wondering: What are the other psychic channels for vital energy to circulate through so that you can attain a healthy and long life? 

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the principles of health and longevity.  Subscribe and follow my channels to learn more about the art of Tai Chi.


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