How To Expand And Become Boundless With Tai Chi, So You Can Be Creative


I invite your body, your mind, and your life energy to work together. 
When these elements work together, your life and your destiny will be in your hands. If your body, mind, and life energy work together, then you’re in harmony. You begin to create and expand from within. When your energies aren’t working together, then that leads to stress and feelings of anger and anxiety. 

Welcome to the art of Tai Chi. 
Imagine if your body, your mind, and your life energy work together – what does that mean? It means that you’re finally taking responsibility for your life. And when you do that, you have the ability to respond. That ability to respond leads to self-transformation

We talked in a previous post about the two basic forces that are happening within you.  One is the instinct of self-preservation. It’s your desire to build a foundation or build walls. In order to do that, to feel protected, you drop by using gravity. 

The other aspect of your life, the most important one is your desire to expand and become boundless. How do you do that in Tai Chi? First, you learned that in order to expand, you have to drop. When you drop, you start to observe and notice what’s around you. Your antenna is up and you’re in tune. Only then do you have the ability to respond.

First, root yourself on this planet by dropping and using gravity, then go beyond that and start to create and expand, and make shapes. Tai Chi gets your body into different postures so that you can elevate your consciousness and feel like you’re in control, by taking responsibility.

Tai Chi is an inner journey.
It’s an inner journey where you explore uncharted, unfamiliar terrain. It may feel uncomfortable that you are in the unknown, however, this is where you’re able to create, and expand. You may get back into your habits and you start to feel the same emotions that you felt before, feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear, for instance. 

But when you are in the unknown, you only concentrate on the moment and all you can experience – happens within you at the moment. Tai Chi is essentially recreating the body so that it serves a higher purpose. When you move on a daily basis, you are actually reacting to external stimuli. It’s in this reaction that you get into your habits and you produce the same feelings over and over again. You get triggered.

In Tai Chi, you go into different postures and this elevates your consciousness.
You do this by first dropping, exhaling, relaxing, and then making whatever shapes you want to make with your body. Tai Chi helps you to focus and it gives you these two different types of desires to fulfill. One is the desire to drop and relax, exhale. The other is to fulfill the desire to expand out and become boundless. This only happens when you take responsibility for your body, mind, and life energy by bringing them together, to work together in harmony. Aim for a certain harmony and vitality in your body. That will take care of anger, anxiety, fear, and stress, which ultimately leads to disease and illness. 

Use the human spine as an antenna.
Keeping your spine straight is one of the main rules in Tai Chi. That helps you to be in alignment with the universe. The spine is not just an arrangement of bones, but it’s actually a very important axis of the body, that corresponds to the very axis of the universe. Your body is more pleasant and in good health when you keep your spine straight. 

Second, you want to master the mind. Mastering your mind allows you to have peace. Master the mind by exhaling, relaxing, and settling into space. When you exhale, you begin this inner life journey. You may feel that the only thing that stands between you and your wellbeing is this cultivation of your inner life versus the outside conditions that force you to react in certain ways.

As long as you feel that your external situations are important to you, then that puts your life in a precarious situation. Once you begin that inner journey going within your body, your mind, and life energy, work them together, then you can experience harmony and vitality that you’ve never experienced before. Tai Chi helps you experience this.

Now the problem is that you are already defined by external conditions. Instead of searching for external conditions, like more health, wealth, objects, look around you, remember to focus from within. you’re not really looking for a particular object. This is the journey within and Tai Chi will help you in that inner journey. 

I invite you now to drop exhale, relax into your stance, and just observe. Don’t try to look for anything. Feel your root, feel grounded. It’s natural to aspire to stability first, and then you can handle your body to be in perfect alignment with existence. Once you feel rooted, then you can get your body into different postures.

There are many possibilities here. 

There’s not just one posture, there’s many. You can choose because you have now taken full responsibility for your life.  Your body, your mind, and life energy are working together so that you can begin to maintain physical balance and good receptivity of your body. You can take your body to the edge so that there is no more hurdle, no more obstacles in the way. When there are no more obstacles in the way, then everything works together. 

I hope that helps leave a comment below, let me know your thoughts. We can continue the conversation there.

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