How To Determine You Have Blockages In Your Body


When your energy is clear and free-flowing throughout your body, then you’re in perfectly good health. When your energy is not free-flowing throughout the body, then there are blockages that may be in the way to prevent your internal organs from receiving the nourishment they need to perform.

What are these blockages and why do you get them?

Well, if you experienced trauma in your life, in the form of marital conflict or personal loss, or even an accident like a car crash, then you’ve been wounded, not necessarily in the physical sense, but emotionally and the emotional baggage that you carry can turn into blockages, which may manifest themselves into physical illness.  Later on, you may be feeling reoccurring emotions like shame and guilt. Perhaps you want to do something but are putting it off because you may feel embarrassed by what you’re going to reveal.

As a result of doing that work, you may be experiencing fears, fear of rejection, criticism, maybe because of your physical appearance. These emotional blockages can then lead to tightness in the back, stiffness in the neck, and worse. It could lead to malfunctions of your bodily operations. 

What are these blockages and how do you determine if you really do have blockages in your body? Step back, relax, and breathe.

Breathe with me, breathe in, fill up your lungs, and experience an expansion of the body, like a balloon is being filled up. When the balloon is being filled up in the lungs, it displaces fluid all around it. This creates pressure changes and liquid waves that permeate to the surrounding tissues. When your breathing gets deeper, it creates an internal massage. With this massage combined with the intention of making shapes in Tai Chi, it can lead to a rich pattern of energy flow.

Coordinate your breath, work with Tai Chi posture and movement patterns that are gentle and soft so that you can create waves with your body and inside your body. These waves can be directed throughout the body with the Tai Chi movement and your mind as the guide. So right now take the time to inhale with your palm up and exhale with your palm down. Let’s start with that and feel that wave in your body.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale.

Your breathing causes sensations in your body, right? The breathing stimulates the hairs in your nose. It tickles the membranes in your windpipe, stretches the lungs, and floats the surrounding ribs, and creates these pressure waves that go down into your belly and lower back. Visualize the waves.

The breathing creates a set of sensations and internal awareness that goes deep down into your body so that you can feel perhaps tension, perhaps hardness. However, just observe for now and just continue to breathe. Inhale, exhale, and really look at how your hands are softly and gently massaging your internal organs. Imagine that and visualize that right now, your fingers are moving to massage your body and then continue to breathe down to your pelvic floor. 

Your pelvic floor is like a fireplace in the house and your house is the body. The pelvic floor contains the fire.  The fire is within your dantien. And you want to keep this fire going. You want it to remain glowing and bringing forth warmth to your body. 

If you feel like it’s dimming, if you’re sluggish, tired, exhausted, if you feel stuck in a rut, stop and breathe and exhale down and focus on your dantien, cultivate that energy. Keep that fire going by breathing and relaxing. So breathing generates measurable changes in the abdomen, and you can feel the visceral pressure in your body just by breathing. These pressures change then develop into a rhythm that has a positive effect on your blood.  Your blood flow is just gushing in and out.

Breathing can also have a positive effect on pain. So just observe. Do you feel any pain in your body?

Find and clear blockages in your body and balance your emotional state of mind. What if you can do an energy reset? Then, you may be asking yourself: “How do I really get rid of my blockages in my body?”

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