How Tai Chi Can Help With Mind Chatter


You can change your thoughts, you can change your life. If you cannot change your mind, then you cannot change anything at all…

Especially when your mind wanders, when it daydreams, and when it constantly chatters in your head. When this happens, you’re not being in the present moment. Think about the time when you were in a conversation with a loved one, and you realized that you were not listening and you don’t know what was said a second ago. This can lead to a very serious situation.

Your mind is dominated by thoughts of the past and fears of the future. You’re always constantly thinking about what you did, how you could’ve done things better, what you said, and what could have been said differently. These are not happy thoughts. Then heavy thinkers worry a lot, and they dwell on anger, jealousy, hatred, and other negative emotions.

Then there are fears of the future. You don’t know what you’re going to have for dinner tonight. You don’t know what to make. Then you are stuck on your presentation and you don’t know what the future holds for your business and how you can make it grow in the next few months.  If left unchecked and untamed, your mind can be incredibly judgmental and it could be mercilessly critical of who you are.

The judgment of your mind causes separation.

Persistent thoughts come from the ego and the ego is there to serve to protect you. It is there to help you survive. However, it’s also there to prevent you from making you look like a fool. It’s there to prevent you from taking risks that could be rewarding in your life. And it’s there to really put you in a cage, bind you up in chains, and limits the way that you live your life.

You see the judgment of your mind actually separates you from your loved ones, from your family, your creativity, and the things that you really want to do in your life. It doesn’t unify you.  Your spirit, your body, and your mind can not be together.

When there’s chattering going on, your mind is out of control.

It wants to tell its own story and not the story that you want it to tell. How can you stop the monkey mind from spinning and circling? Well, first it begins with being aware of your thoughts, observe them, then understand how your thoughts lead you to certain behaviors. Then, how your behaviors come to define your beliefs in life. There are tools to help you to empty your mind and become more aware of things like: mindfulness journeys, meditation, dream interpretations, and other self-actualization techniques.

Then there’s a thing that you can simply do, which is to take action, perform a task. When you take action, you are no longer thinking constantly in your mind, but you’re focused on the task at hand. When you do Tai Chi, this puts you into your body and you take this inner journey of doing very precise, soft and gentle movements. This takes away from the constant chatter that’s happening in your mind.

You can eliminate drama as a result of doing Tai Chi.
So how can you eliminate the mind chatter that’s happening in your head? I invite you to smile, relax, and exhale with me all the way down to your feet. Then inhale, gently up through your fingers and put your hands at eye-level and observe your thoughts. Observe the drama that’s happening in your head and exhale. Bring those thoughts, bring that drama into your body, through the heart center, and go deeper and deeper down until you rest your palms on your belly button. 

This is the lower dantien. This is where your body stores energy. And it’s very important because you use a lot of energy. In fact, the brain uses 80% of the body’s energy in consuming thoughts and in building drama in your head. The body is left with only 20% to give to its organs and systems so that they can function properly.

Here you are, you are nicely relaxed in this position, focusing on your dantien, the lower abdomen. You’re just here to empty the mind, be still, and help the brain to receive impulses. Your lower abdomen (the gut brain) is there to record experiences. You’re also responding to your emotions here in the gut instead of in the head or the brain. You’re here to empty the mind. 

So now that you know how to tame and control your mind, there are more tips like this shared on my YouTube channel.

Check out my Youtube channel and subscribe for more tips like this. Tai Chi is definitely a way to quiet the mind and reduce your mind chatter so that you can have less emotional stress, a more positive state of mind, and a better quality of life.

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