Forget The Past, Find Your Future


Are you always thinking about the past?

Do you replay events over and over in your head?

Do you carry negative emotions from your past and carry them into the present only to find out that you’re not living the life you want to live?

This mindset creates a lot of anxiety and stress, and it takes you away from being in the present moment. We’ve all heard this saying many times, “Stop living in the past, start living in the present because it’s all you have. Put your energy into the here and now”. 

It’s easy to say but hard to do. The reality is we all travel back in time to past experiences so that we can solidify our current emotional experiences. There is constant validation for our feelings by remembering the past and what went wrong.

For example, I feel some anger and resentment right now for the person who had belittled me in the past. I recall these memories because I want to have a reason for what I’m feeling right now. This creates an endless loop, where the same feelings in your body keep coming up over and over again.

But here’s the thing: The past we remember doesn’t exist or can be distorted. Therefore, it’s useless and pointless to think about it.

Leave Your Past Behind

You do need to remember what you’ve learned from the past, but you don’t have to carry its emotional baggage.

Learn to let go of the emotions. The less you think about the past, the more you can focus on the present and the better your future will be. Make a conscious effort to not cling to the memories that you have.

When you forget the past, then everything will be void and the result will be a life worth living.  You can start over.

How do you really forget about something like the past?

Well, start by shifting the focus. You can do this by meditating and visualizing all the things you’re going to be grateful for. Then, imagine those things you want to accomplish are actually being accomplished. This is the powerful practice of manifestation.

Root Yourself In The Present

Take the time to relax your mind and body and get into a state of appreciation. When practicing Tai Chi, we can practice forgetting some of the past and focus on how we’re feeling today. For example, when my aim is to change my internal state, to feel joy, gratitude, or appreciation, then I forget about the thought of changing my internal state.

If you try to change your internal state, more than likely it’s not going to happen. If your aim is to improve your health, then forget to focus on improvement.

It can sound confusing, but when your mind and its objects are forgotten, everything will be void because then your mind isn’t driven away to a destination. It’s more important to be on the journey of life.  You can learn to forget by doing something like Tai Chi.

Always forget. Become empty and void, because what you are really looking for is the gradual transformation of mind and body. If you’re attached to the thought of changing your internal state, curing your illness, improving your health, then your mind is stirred and cluttered. Consumed by such goals, you end up not enjoying life.  

When your mind is stirred, it becomes attached, preoccupied and filled, and you won’t get the results you are expecting.  Why?  Because you’ve lost control of your feelings about the object of your obsession.

Instead, know your purpose for doing something. Forget the results.

Look for the thing that brings meaning to your life.

Create An Empowering Ritual

Let’s do some Tai Chi and practice the art of forgetfulness. Watch the video so you can listen to my voice and follow along.

1. Stand with your feet, shoulder width apart, exhale, relax, sink down.

2. Energize the fingers up and exhale. Start to forget what you were doing and then energize.

Remember, this is where you are.

3. Exhale, relax, let go, let everything fall to the floor, and forget.

4. Energize. One hand faces the other, then exhale, relax, forget and energize. Exhale and relax.

5. Forget what you’re doing and then energize. This is where you are right now.

6. Exhale, relax, sink down, forget what you’re doing. 

7. Exhale, relax, forget, and then energize and press. 

8. Forget what we’re doing for a brief moment in time and then energize and push. Exhale, relax, and then sink back down into your feet. 

Let go and forget everything that you just did. This is the practice of Tai Chi and how we use the mind to forget. 

What if you stop looking for results and start taking the time for yourself each and every day? What if you simply enjoy your life, enjoy what you’re doing and not worry about the results? They will follow.

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