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Your Health Does Not Have To Decline As You Age.
Try doing Tai Chi exercises daily. It helps you to obtain better health and happiness during your lifetime.

At the Art of Tai Chi, we feel that each person has the right to live a life free of physical pain and mental disharmony, and grow into a life full of spiritual selflessness. 

But as you get older, stress gets in the way and it breeds fear and disease. You consider how aging can cause medical issues like high blood pressure, cancer, and disease. You look at growing older with a sense of worry and anxiety. 

Stress can overload your system. It weakens your mind and body, and accelerates the aging process, and provides a backdrop for illness later in life.

So what to do about it? 

Here’s the thing: Tai Chi’s main emphasis is on strengthening your mind and body.  It aims to tone the internal systems, your energy, including your emotional and spiritual energies. 

By performing Tai Chi, these simple exercises done daily will allow you to look forward to growing old with a sense of inner vitality, and with a higher level of alertness. This only comes from living a life that is free from worry of a future illness.  And living a life free from weakness due to present conditions and/or diseases. 

Tai Chi helps develop a sense of freedom. The inner vitality will create a fertile ground upon which your true spiritual nature can then unfold.

Now as human beings, you’ve all recovered from pain. When the pain goes away, you let down your guard.  It’s easy to stop practicing self-care and all your routines and exercises. You may inadvertently fall back into weakness and disease, and you go back to finding that hard-to-reach outer sense of discipline to continue to pursue self-care.

An inner sense of discipline

What I want for you, and what I really hope for you – is to have an INNER sense of discipline to carry you forward on a continual movement of interest. This movement arises from the knowledge, the growth, and the feeling of wellness in your body that comes from practicing Tai Chi exercises.

There’s a good chance for you to develop this inner sense of discipline because Tai Chi is easily performed. It requires no strenuous activity, and it does not require a great amount of time to perform. If you can use Tai Chi wisely in your life, it would be well worth your time and energy investing in it. 

Tai Chi was developed around natural laws of healing, and therefore, you do not need to hurry to master the art of Tai Chi. Just take the time to develop a feeling for each exercise, each posture, and you will be rewarded.

Taoists carefully studied the physical laws of nature and the natural principles of healing.  And they found that these same laws govern your body. Having studied nature, the Taoists came up with internal exercises like Tai Chi.  These exercises have this special power to influence a weak body, or weak bodily parts back to their natural order and health.

How?  With the proper use of imagination.  

Imagery has been used throughout history to help heal the mind and body. And imagination is the communication mechanism between your perception (your thoughts) and the feelings that are produced within your body, resulting in a bodily change.

Have you ever heard ‘you are your thoughts?’

What you think, you become. And your thought is as much reality as a material object. They are actually the same.  Both are forms of energy, but each one has a different frequency.  Each one exists in a different wavelength of vibration. 

Your imagination becomes reality. When you use imagination in Tai Chi, you bring your mind-body together so that they can function as one unit.

By using your imagination, you may begin to explore your mind-body through Tai Chi, and in time you’ll discover extraordinary levels of healing within you.


So let’s do an exercise. 

This exercise is based on an animal movement.  Remember, Taoists have studied natural physical laws and they’ve studied the way animals move in nature. These animal movements are found in Tai Chi poses, such as “snake creeps down” and “white crane spreads its wings”.

So let’s do ‘white crane spreads its wings’ – follow along with the video.

  1. Stand on your right leg, having your left leg in front of you.
  2. Exhale and fold your body at the hip level, exhale nice and slow.
  3. Then energize, unfold your body, and reach up with your right hand, while simultaneously reaching down with your left hand.
  4. Exhale, again folding your body at the hip level.
  5. Then energize right back up to the white crane.
  6. Repeat one more time – exhale, fold your body at the hip level, then energize one hand up, one hand down, unfold and spread your wings like the white crane.

Taoist believe that the crane exercise helps your digestion. It helps you to properly digest your food and you can have everything go through your system very easily. The movements of the white crane are really the movements of your internal organs, as in your stomach and intestines. 

With the study of the laws of nature, you begin to understand how the laws affect your body internally, in positive ways.

So what if you can combine the application of nature’s laws with Tai Chi or any other internal exercise to give you a wonderful self-healing system? 

What if you can give yourself the gift of freedom from disease and pain? What if you can give yourself the wonderful sense of wellbeing that springs from your heart?

You may be asking yourself: What are these physical laws of nature and the natural principles of healing studied by the Taoists?

Stay tuned in future posts, follow me on YouTube and take the next step of transforming your body from the material to the eternal!

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