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There are conditions inside your body, which threaten your health and prevent you from having a long life. These conditions are internal injuries and can be just as serious as external injuries, like a broken bone. 

These inner conditions, such as an organ injury, are so dangerous because we often underestimate them. If you suffer from illness inside your body, you feel minor discomfort, at first. Then, you put off going to the doctor until your insides reach a critical stage of damage. It’s often too late to correct the disease, by the time you realize you need to do something about it.

How many times have you heard stories of people who ignore their internal problems until it’s too late, simply because they can’t identify with them or they can’t see them? 

You must be mindful that severe illnesses of the internal organs may prove fatal.

Do Much More Without Strenuous Exercises

That’s why internal exercises are so important. Internal exercises minimize internal disorders of the organs. You can avoid the expense of time, money, and suffering disease brings. You can avoid the stagnation of the inner organs, which reduces the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses.

Internal exercises make your body strong against an attack to your inner organs. 

Here’s the thing: You’ve likely never heard of internal exercises before. You can’t even envision what an internal exercise even looks like. You go to the gym to stay healthy. What you don’t realize is that you’re really doing external exercises and call them by a different name. You may use words like cardio or workout. You think by regularly going to the gym, you can fight off viruses.

If you really think about it, you are doing external exercises, which only help you to strengthen your muscles and build up strength in your limbs.

These exercises may help you to look good on the outside, but they don’t necessarily help the inner organs fight off disease.

What is an internal exercise you can do to improve your health and prolong your life?

Tai Chi movements use the mind to influence your breathing and blood circulation so that you can affect your vitality and spirit. The motions of Tai Chi help your inner organs while regular exercise in the gym improves your physique.

When you do Tai Chi, you develop a peaceful and healthy body by directing your awareness and your energy to the abdomen. By placing your mind inside your abdomen, breathing with your abdomen, and moving with your internal organs, you can achieve good health and longevity while preventing diseases.

Promote Effective Functions Of The Internal Organs

How can you keep your inner organs clean? How do you remove harmful elements from your inner organs?

There are three things that you can do right now: Breathe, meditate, and do Tai Chi. 

Do the Tai Chi form with tranquility, correct movement and coordinated breathing. Each of the three elements is important and they must be combined to get great results.

If I had to pick one to concentrate on right now with no hassle, it would be breathing. You may already know the benefits of slow breathing in Tai Chi, but did you know that quick breathing techniques are also used for optimal health?

In fact, they’ve been used by Taoists over the centuries, and today you can see people all over the world who have learned from these ancient masters.  These masters have passed their techniques down from generation to generation.

In this generation take for instance, Wim Hoff, who is famous for his method of special breathing exertion for decreased stress and decreased inflammation of the body. He is a great example of how using quick breathing techniques can optimize your body’s functionality.  This is healing.

Breathwork is by definition an internal exercise all by itself.

Let’s do some Tai Chi with an emphasis on breathing.

1. Energize the fingers up to shoulder height. 

2. Exhale, relax. 

3. Energize the fingers. 

4. Relax back down. Then turn, energize and ward off left. 

5. Exhale, relax and ward off right. 

6. Turn, shift the weight and energize. Rollback. 

7. Exhale into your right foot and energize. Press. 

8. Relax and exhale back down.

Tai Chi with slow breathing, calms and restores.  But, what if you can do Tai Chi just a little bit faster with a little bit more faster breathing? 

Stay tuned as we explore doing Tai Chi at different speeds and different breathing rhythms.

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