Does Tai Chi Help Relieve Chronic Fatigue


There are times when you are unstoppable. When you feel you have so much energy and you’re like the Energizer bunny.  You keep going and going and going…

Then, there are times when you feel fatigued, tired, exhausted, and need some rest and sleep so that you can recharge for the next day. 

Are you someone who has severe physical and mental fatigue, where sleep does not help you?

You have cold hands, cold feet and you are unable to control your body temperature. You experience joint and muscle pain. Sometimes you have flu-like symptoms and you’re so tired you can’t exercise. You can’t even walk for five minutes. 

As a result of these conditions, you feel physically weak and mentally confused about what is going on in your life.

If so, I would suggest that you visit a doctor… But sometimes, a doctor may not have an answer for your condition…

This condition is called chronic fatigue.

You can also go to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor who can prescribe herbs, acupuncture, or breathing exercises that might help with your condition. These breathing exercises are based on visualization techniques that direct source energy to move into your body. 

Typically, the TCM doctor identifies your condition as an energy imbalance in your body. The TCM prescription is usually some kind of alternative medicine or therapies, such as chi gong and Tai Chi.  They are exercises you can do for energy depletion. 

These exercises help you keep your hands warm. They are ways to physically keep the energy flowing in your body, where the exercise itself does not tire you out. Tai Chi is that kind of exercise that keeps giving. 

To be clear, Tai Chi is not a cure. It may not be a cure for your chronic condition, but it can help you manage your symptoms and alleviate your pain.

How can Tai Chi help?

Let’s start by doing a simple breathing exercise where you exhale and inhale very slowly and gently.  Then begin to visualize your spine as a column of light.  Your spine is nice, vertical and straight.  

Your spine connects the heaven above with the earth below.

Let’s get moving with your hands here.  Energize your hands.  Raise them passed your shoulder height.  Go above your head.  Then visualize the light beam coming down through the crown of your head.  See it go down into your body, and into your spine.  The light enters vertebra by vertebra, lighting each joint up, as you work your way down to the sacrum. 

So let’s do that again, follow along in my video:

  • You are going to energize the fingers up over your shoulders, and over your head.  
  • Imagine the light coming down from heaven, through the crown of your head and into your body.
  • Allow that light to light up your spine, all the way down to your tailbone.
  • See it go down through your legs, and into your feet.
  • Let it travel down from your feet into the center of the earth. 
  • This is your heaven and earth connection.  Feel that connection through your spine.
  • You are breathing – inhaling and exhaling…
  • Observe the chi wave that is generated in the body through your breathing.

Tai Chi is a breathing exercise.  It’s also a meditation where you can visualize the light coming down from heaven, through your body and into the earth.  

Remember, connect heaven and earth together. 

Tai Chi is a very simple and gentle exercise for you to mainly relax. It’s also for stress reduction.

Tai Chi can improve your symptoms of chronic fatigue. It can relieve your pain.  It can improve your sleep quality and it might help with your low spirits.  It can definitely improve your quality of life. 

Study shows that you can cut back on medication with Tai Chi exercise.  There are no related adverse events by using Tai Chi in your daily practice. You can also try other mind-body therapies, including chi gong and mindfulness-based stress reduction. 

The question here is: What is an optimal form of exercise for your condition?

This is a very good question to ask. And you should always ask that of your doctor.  But think about this…

What if Tai Chi can treat the whole person and not just the symptoms? 

What if Tai Chi can target not only your pain but also the many other secondary factors associated with your pain, any type of pain that you’re feeling right now? 

What if you can develop behaviors out of your Tai Chi practice that can slow down your disease progression?

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