Coping With Pressure By Connecting With Presence


Tai Chi is a way for me to reconnect with myself and have inner peace. It’s a way for me to integrate myself both internally and externally with my environment.  And in today’s modern world, there may be a profound disconnect between your body and your spirit.

Are you feeling disconnected?

As technology increasingly takes over your life, you feel your life is accelerating to such limits, that you can no longer cope with the pressure. It doesn’t matter if you are successful or struggling, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. You feel overwhelmed at work, at home and even on your treadmill. You may wonder why exercising regularly is a challenging task because more and more of you find it difficult, if not impossible, to do exercise without distraction. You may realize that there is no real spiritual continuity in your life. That’s because there’s this disconnect. Part of the reason for this disconnect is that you don’t leave your chair anymore.

You don’t leave your chair to communicate with others. You sit down for long periods of time and before you know it, you don’t feel the connection of your spine, back, neck, hips, legs, and arms. It’s easy for you to lose connection with your innate sense of how your body should function and feel. It’s easy for you to disconnect from your body, your heart, and your spirit these days. 

Then there are societal expectations of what you should say, do and feel, and oftentimes what you project to the outside world. Your sub-personalities are often at odds with your true self, your higher self that has deeper honest feelings and aspirations. Tai Chi teaches you that with (spiritual) food, deep relaxation, and balance, you can reconnect directly to your innermost being or your soul.

What’s the Tao and How Can it Help you Feel Connected?

By practicing Tai Chi, you can also connect to the source of the universe. 

The source is what the Chinese call the Tao and the Tao is the Way. Tai Chi is a way to reconnect and integrate yourself both internally and externally with your environment. It offers an inner path of the direct and internal spiritual experience of who you really are. 

There are inner paths as well as outer paths.

Connecting With Your 3 Major Centers

You know the outer paths… the outer path is faith-based religion, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  And like religion and like other inner mystic traditions, Tai Chi meditation requires FAITH that you can directly connect with your heart, mind and body. These are the three major centers that you can feel right now. It’s a way for you to connect to the source and I will show you how by watching this video.

When this connection is made by purely practicing the Tai Chi method of meditation, you can have an experience with the divine and with your true essence.  The inner tradition of Tai Chi has a precise and systematic way for you to go into your heart of human consciousness and start to feel your body. The very first thing you do with Tai Chi practice is to merely feel and be connected to your body.

How do you cope with the ever-increasing pressures of today’s world, the stresses of your physical, mental, and emotional health?

Tai Chi prepares you to face pressure and stress. Its exercises can help you energize, heal and relax your body so that you can simultaneously slow down and have a quiet life. Tai Chi releases the tension that is in your mind.

Let’s do an exercise here.  You’re going to start from the beginning with the Tai Chi form.

Reference the video for this part.

  1. So in the beginning, you’re going to have your feet firmly planted on the floor, shoulder-width apart, hips released and knees bent. (You’re in a jumping position.)
  1. From here, you’re going to not jump the body, but jump up with the fingers. The fingers rise up, and then you’re going to exhale, relax down, inhale back up, and then relax back down into your jumping position.
  1. You’re going to do this a second time. This time I want you to move your center from your belly all the way up to your heart and feel your heart center here. Feel any emotions that you may be having, and then work your way back up to your mind, to the crown of your head, and then relax back down, bringing your mind and your heart down to your body center, which is in the belly. You’re in this jumping position again.
  1. Visualize you are a tiger. There’s a tiger within you that wants to jump out. You’re going to raise your heels off the floor.  You’re going to raise your arms up.  With your hands, you’re going to mimic the claws of a tiger. Then feel the energy of a tiger. The tiger is within you. You’re going to use this energy to cope with the pressures of the world, the pressures that you may be feeling right now.  Then relax, sink down, exhale into your feet and ground yourself.

That’s it for the Tai Chi exercise.

What if Tai Chi meditation can increase your breathing capacity and benefit your health?  

What if it primes your awareness to feel your body?  What is by doing Tai Chi you experience the energies within your body? 

You probably have an idea that Tai Chi will do these things for you, but then the challenge becomes: how do you open the body’s energy channels to promote physical health, mental relaxation, and a stable awareness of the internal workings of your mind and body?

Lots of questions, so stay tuned, and come back to my blog and follow me on Instagram. Let’s give you the knowledge and proper foundation to prepare for Tai Chi class.

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