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By Observing Silence, You Can Hear Your Thoughts

In stillness, you make the energy of your body healthy. You make yourself strong mentally. You become open to the moment and to more possibilities when you open your energy channels. Your energy flows freely. Tai Chi meditations help you find stillness.

Imagine that… In stillness, your energy flows. You calm the anxiety that bothers the body and weakens your central nervous system.

While there are times your energy is flowing, there are times when it’s difficult for you to stop the motion of your mind. You constantly go from one thought to the next. You’re so occupied keeping up with your attention on life’s external events that you don’t consider the value of your own internal consciousness.  You lose time to connect with your true self, your true nature. 

Instead you go through life following what others say and do. You follow the trends.  You let others dictate to you what’s important in your life. You listen to the talking heads who change their minds from one day to the next, until you’re all confused and you don’t know what’s real anymore.

Everything is moving so quickly. You have an answer for this question one day and then the next day that answer is obsolete. It’s hard to keep up and know what’s right for you.

The fog of confusion is often thick enough to cause you to lose your inner stability and sense of unity. Confusion can cause a lack of internal awareness to support a strong self-image. And when you don’t have a good view of where you’re going, you don’t have the means to clear away your emotional blocks from your past.

When You Reduce The Noise Around You, You Hear Your Own Life

Here’s the thing: Clearing your blocks helps you to be aware of your own consciousness. It sets you on a journey, a journey of getting to know who you truly are in essence.

The practice of Tai Chi meditations helped me to focus on where to place my energy.  And that is within me.

It helped me to develop my energy flow.  It helped me to have the strength and stability so I can deal with releasing my repressed emotions while helping me to relax into my being. When I do Tai Chi, I prepare for and begin to experience the emotional knots, hidden within myself.

It’s important to recognize that there are knots in your body.

Knots are places where you feel tension, where you feel blocked strength, where you feel muscular contractions. It’s a place where pain is felt or anxiety or other things that make you not feel right. In the course of this hectic life, your tension is going to build up and you’re like a ticking time bomb ready to explode. Usually, you explode during crisis points in your life.  These points include the experience of death, divorce, disease, or any type of disaster, whether it’s financial or otherwise.

Tai Chi meditations in practice helped me to slow down the emotional storms inside me. It helped me to gradually build my internal stability to have a sharp perspective on life. It helped me to build calmness until I clearly recognized and accepted my difficulties as my own.

Tai Chi revealed to me my dysfunctions as a person for what they are – temporary struggles to overcome. With Tai Chi practice, I feel clear again.  There’s no self-delusion and there’s no denying the trust in myself.  My essence and my life purpose is very real.

While confusion exists every day to obscure and imbalance my life, I have Tai Chi to clear the way for me to explore the depths of my inner being and to release the tensions in my body. It has helped me to settle into my own being in the midst of life’s storms and stirrings.

So I want to help you get started on your Tai Chi journey…

Finding Fullness in Emptiness

Here are my 5 steps to help you get started on your Tai Chi journey. We will start with these Tai Chi meditations.

1. Be still, even when you’re in motion. 

Stand with me with your feet shoulder width apart. Your feet are parallel on the floor. Relax your breath, observe and notice your breathing, and then begin to slow it down. Start counting.  Count to 5 on the exhale. Then count to 5 on the inhale and do this a few times. 

When you do this, do you notice that your mind is now becoming calm? 

Let your breath deepen each time until it becomes slow, steady, and from your belly. Now you’re no longer breathing through your nose. You’re breathing through your belly and notice how the belly expands and contracts as you breathe.

As you inhale, it expands.  As you exhale, it shrinks back in.

Take your tongue and place it on the roof of your mouth. Relax the tension you may be feeling in your jaw. Maybe you’re pressing your lips. Maybe you’re tightening up your mouth.  Loosen up and release the tension in your jaw. 

Being still by becoming more aware of your breath. 

2. Feel your body from head to toe. Once you are aware of your breath, then you become aware of your body.  Place your mind at the top of your head and then work your way downward on the front of your body, then the sides of your body, and then your back. Work your way down from head to toe. Going down your nose, throat, and chest.  Then go all the way down to your belly, through your legs, knees, and into your feet. Do a quick body scan first. Just feel.

Notice what is happening and then take your time in each place and feel what’s happening right now.

So not only do you go from head to toe, you can go from outside to inside. Place your mind on the surface of your skin. 

Energize your fingers up and out. Place your palms in front of your chest and then drop. As you move from left to right, your arms are going up and down. Feel what’s happening on the surface of your skin. Feel the air on the surface of your skin. Feel your skin gliding across the air.  Feel the air tickling your skin. 

Then go deeper inside into your muscles and feel your muscles working.

Go even deeper than that into your bones and feel the bones working, bearing the weight of your body.  Feel the bones support your muscles and your skin. 

3. Work on your body alignment. Start with your spine. Imagine your spine as the centerline of your body.  Work your way down vertebrae by vertebrae until you reach and feel your perineum.

Bend your knees. Relax the muscles of your lower back and hips. Tuck your pelvis slightly forward while pointing your tailbone straight down to the ground.

The arrangement of your spine in a straight line will help your body from blocking your Chi. Start with the top of your spine. Make sure everything is hanging from the tip of your head all the way down to the tip of your tailbone. Feel your perineum. Feel the separation of your legs and thighs and feel the tailbone pointing down. 

As you bend your knees, don’t feel like you’re going to be putting a lot of your weight on your knees. Settle down and bring your weight down to your feet. Feel your feet on the ground.

When you relax into alignment, the quality of your attention and your attitude is going to change. 

Are you feeling calm right now? Are you feeling clear minded? 

4. Release your tension and strength to the ground. Again, don’t bear any weight on your knees. Exhale straight down to your feet and let your feet bear the weight of your body.

When you release the tension in your body, you’re also going to release tension in your thoughts. 

When you release, you are teaching your body to let go. Allow yourself to let go and allow your body to metaphysically fall into the floor, into the ground, through your feet. 

5. Have a positive, uplifting experience and expectation of what you’re doing. While you’re practicing to sink, releasing your tension, letting go and letting everything fall into the floor, you’re going to feel the energy rise up from your feet to the part of your body you are activating. 

Exhale, then energize. 

Feel the body float up. Rise up by activating your fingers. Exhale again, and feel the energy flow right back up. As you sink the energy down, also feel the energy rise up at the same time.

As the saying goes, “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

Sink down and let your energy rise up and expand out.  Have that kind of positivity in your life. 

What If You Can Cultivate Silence

What if you can seize moments of quiet by doing Tai Chi meditations?

What if by releasing the tensions of your body, you get stronger and you’re better able to resist and fight off disease?

The wonders of releasing your body become possible with the practice of Tai Chi.

Now you’re probably thinking: What are other ways where I can release tension in my body? 

Stay tuned and follow me on social media for more Tai Chi meditations and health benefits. 

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