Ideas For Healing

How to Bring Your Body Into Balance

How to Bring Your Body Into Balance What Happens To Your Body When You Are Stressed? Some doctors believe that stress is the cause of at least 95% of all illnesses and diseases. With that kind of percentage, you might as well consider stress an illness unto itself,...

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How To Find The Right Tai Chi Teacher

How To Find The Right Tai Chi Teacher Why Practice Tai Chi? Tai Chi is practiced for many reasons.  One reason is for self-care which is used for enhancing your health and healing. The breathing techniques used during Tai Chi can really help you to reduce your stress...

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Good Lung Exercise

Good Lung Exercise Can Emotions Cause Disease? Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on the principle that mental and physical well-being are both intricately interwoven. Your emotions and physical health are intimately linked. The current emotional...

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A Simple Guide for Meditative Walking

A Simple Guide for Meditative Walking How to Ground Yourself with Walking We walk for the sole purpose of getting from one place to another. For example, when you walk to your job, you just want to get there. Along the way, you may subject yourself to pollution, or to large...

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The Best Place To Do Tai Chi

The Best Place To Do Tai Chi The Powerful Health Benefits Of Spending Time Outside While doing Tai Chi Do you want to take a break from the rush of your daily life? Tired of spending too much time indoors? Most of us take a walk outside simply because it is good for...

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Transform Your Trauma With Tai Chi

Transform Your Trauma With Tai Chi Your body is powerful. It records everything good and bad in your life. Your body records all your traumas, big or small, every stress and strain of your life. It records your illnesses, injuries, and your emotional attitudes. It also...

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Tai Chi Meditations

Tai Chi Meditations By Observing Silence, You Can Hear Your Thoughts In stillness, you make the energy of your body healthy. You make yourself strong mentally. You become open to the moment and to more possibilities when you open your energy channels. Your...

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2 Steps To Help You Relax

2 Steps To Help You Relax Do You Feel Empty? The basic practice of Tai Chi is geared towards developing you into a complete human being, one who feels whole again. In this state of feeling whole, you are physically healthy with energy flowing freely through your...

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Clearing Your Energy Blocks

Clearing Your Energy Blocks Overwhelmed, Burned Out, Super-stressed Out? Now's the time to realize that you're probably pushing yourself too hard. Maybe you're tired all the time, or you have trouble staying focused. You may be getting sick more often, or maybe...

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