Ideas For Healing

Put Your Chi In Motion

Put Your Chi In Motion Controlled breathing, regulated breathing, breathwork, or any type of breathing exercise produces Chi or life force in your body. Chi can then be accumulated in the lower belly. It can also be gathered in other centers of your body, such...

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Forget The Past, Find Your Future

Forget The Past, Find Your Future Are you always thinking about the past? Do you replay events over and over in your head? Do you carry negative emotions from your past and carry them into the present only to find out that you're not living the life you want to live? This...

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Breathwork for Healing

Breathwork for Healing Breathing is more important than eating and drinking. That's obvious, isn't it?We view eating and drinking as important and essential, and that's because we can buy them with money. By contrast, the air is available everywhere. It's...

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The Natural Approach To Moving Meditation

The Natural Approach To Moving Meditation The classic method of meditation is practiced in a sitting position. However, it is possible to meditate while you're standing or moving.  There's a method of meditating in a standing position, in which the movements of your body are...

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External Or Internal Exercise

External Or Internal Exercise There are conditions inside your body, which threaten your health and prevent you from having a long life. These conditions are internal injuries and can be just as serious as external injuries, like a broken bone.  These inner...

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Online Tai Chi Classes For Remote Healing

Online Tai Chi Classes For Remote Healing Your body is filled with an energy field that can affect your health and wellbeing. This is called Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's also known as your life force or vibrational energy. You can work with this energy to find balance...

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Make More Room For Joy In Your Life

Make More Room For Joy In Your Life How Does Joy Affect Your Heart? Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, to which the heart responds to.  Joy is related to the heart and the fire element in traditional Chinese medicine. It's been said many times that the...

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