About Irving

Irving Yee is a Tai Chi wellness instructor with over 2 decades helping students with his unique Tai Chi process. Through simple Tai Chi movements, his course helps people alleviate pain and maintain energy throughout the day.

Having led ballroom sessions for corporations such as JP Morgan Chase, he was able to raise employee energy levels increasing productivity.  He held weekly retreats for the wellness program at Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center in NYC.  Irving continues to provide restorative classes for smaller groups and individuals.

He is a disciple of Grandmaster William CC Chen’s Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Master Garry Choy’s Wu Style Neigong.  Students appreciate his integration of Taoist philosophy into their practice.  With knowledge of meditation, somatic intelligence and internal self-healing, he combines these concepts into a fresh new approach reflecting his independent thought. His ability to transmit knowledge both practically and energetically leads to a more deliberate process of renewal.

Irving’s leading-edge teaching style designed specifically for stressed-out working professionals helps them structure their day for focus and concentration.  His Tai Chi methodology enhances their performance, while ensuring they have sufficient energy for a balanced life.

“It was a beautiful and beneficial experience to do tai chi overlooking the Palisades and among the trees of Wave Hill with Sifu Irving. I feel I owe my sense of balance to tai chi after knee surgery. Thank you Sifu Irving for your generous spirit and guidance.”

— Frances S.

“I certainly gained a great deal from the time I spent learning Tai Chi with Irving. Not only did I learn the moves but I also achieved some understanding of the philosophy. Thank you for your excellent instruction.”

— Judy G.

“Irving is a memorable teacher, exemplifying both the philosophy and the practice of Tai Chi. He recognizes the individual and collective capacities and limits of the participants and he continually adjusts the class of the day to this reality. You will learn much from him, both in expected and unexpected ways.”

— Marie M.


“I participated in Irving’s Tai Chi class at Wave Hill for about 2 years and I enjoyed every moment of it. The class was relaxed and never felt competitive. Irving is a patient and understanding teacher and he answers all questions quite thoroughly. ”

— Sarah G.

“Irving conducts class for beginning Tai Chi students that are clear and calm. Lessons are broken down into simple components and taught with patience. In class we go over the routines and repeat their parts until they are well understood. I leave every class with a sense of relaxation and simple routines to practice at home.”

— Vicki A.

“My daughter and I had no experience with tai chi before taking instruction from Irving Yee. He designed a multi-hour intensive for us so that we could learn some of the foundational ideas and movements. He was patient, good-natured, and clear. We gained not only from his teaching style but from his obviously passionate commitment to his art.”

— Pamela E.

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